Many plumbing repairs require immediate attention, but not all situations are urgent. Whether you need emergency repairs or other services, the skilled plumbers at Valley Home Services in the Salt Lake City area are here to help. You can utilize our 24/7 emergency plumbing repair services or take advantage of our regular plumbing repairs that don’t require emergency intervention.

We continuously update our knowledge and use state-of-the-art tools to ensure you receive the best service from our plumbing experts. With more than thirty years of experience as the preferred local plumbers, Valley Home Services is eager to provide you with comprehensive plumbing repairs for your Salt Lake City home!

No matter what your plumbing needs are, the Salt Lake City Plumbers at Valley Home Services are equipped to assist you. With over three decades of experience in the field, our plumbers are adept at tackling your most challenging residential plumbing repair tasks. Whether it’s pipe replacements, new plumbing installations, leak repairs, removing clogs, fixing faucets, replacing fixtures, or installing new ones, our Salt Lake City Plumbers are capable of handling it all.

Man pointing a water drain pipe to a woman


When your plumbing system is unable to supply fresh water or adequately remove wastewater from your home, having access to local plumbers you can rely on for prompt and cost-effective repairs is crucial.

At Valley Home Services, we are committed to providing exceptional customer service for any task we handle for you. You will be fully informed about what to expect before our expert Salt Lake City plumbers arrive. Expect rapid response, swift diagnostics, and effective repairs. We can deliver the finest plumbing repairs in Salt Lake City because we have:

  • State-of-the-art tools and equipment for swift plumbing diagnosis and rapid repairs
  • Years of expertise in speedy troubleshooting and accurate plumbing fixes
  • Well-stocked service vehicles to expedite problem resolution
  • In-depth ongoing training and comprehensive knowledge of local building codes
  • Utilization of video inspection for precise diagnostics
  • High-pressure water jet cleaning for thorough drain and pipe clearing
  • Comprehensive backflow testing to ensure water safety
  • Trenchless technology for less invasive sewer line replacement
  • Expertise in repiping for enhanced plumbing system longevity


If your older home is in the Salt Lake City area, it might be time to check your plumbing. Are your fixtures antiquated, your plumbing connections showing signs of corrosion or rust, or the seals around your sinks and tubs beginning to loosen or peel? Do you have faucet handles that are difficult to operate, leak, or are installed incorrectly? Are there issues under your sinks causing wood to rot or creating a musty odor in your cabinets? It’s common for older homes to face numerous plumbing challenges as pipes and other components age and lose their functionality. Whether it’s due to worn washers, corrosion, or rust, addressing these issues necessitates the expertise of a professional plumber. You need skilled and knowledgeable local Salt Lake City plumbers familiar with local building codes and the specific requirements for proper plumbing system repairs. Valley Home Services is your reliable partner for addressing the unique plumbing needs of older homes. We possess the necessary tools and expertise to design and implement a healthy, efficient plumbing system for your residence. Count on us for upfront quotes, competitive pricing, and a comprehensive plan to fix and upgrade your plumbing.


If you are looking for a plumber in Salt Lake City or any of the service areas above, please call Valley Home Services at 801-634-4358  or complete our online request form.