Contact the expert plumbers at Valley Home Services for all your Salt Lake City water line repair and installation needs. We offer affordable, guaranteed service, ensuring your water line repairs and installations are durable and effective.

In Salt Lake City, homes connected to the municipal water system are linked to a main water source provided by the utility company.

Homeowners are responsible for the water lines extending from the main water meter to their homes, including all repairs, maintenance, and new installations. If your home’s water lines require attention or if you’re planning new construction, you’ll need a skilled plumber for the job.

At Valley Home Services, we’re proficient in all plumbing services, including adherence to local building and safety codes. Salt Lake City residents can rely on our plumbers to deliver professional and precise water line services. With over 30 years of experience in the plumbing industry, our team provides fast and technologically advanced plumbing solutions for your home.

Water pipes


In older homes, the main water line is often deteriorated over time and requires replacement. In the past, certain types of piping materials required mandatory replacements to comply with updated regulations.

We encourage you to let us inspect your water lines to ensure they meet current standards and that the water reaching your home is safe to consume.

As water lines age, the risk increases that deteriorating pipes could compromise your drinking water quality, potentially introducing contaminants. It’s crucial to address these concerns promptly to safeguard your home’s water supply.


Tree roots intruding into water lines is a common issue, affecting both fresh water and sewer lines. Roots naturally seek out moisture and can infiltrate water lines through loosely sealed joints or cracks, even if only a small amount of water is present.

Our advanced water line inspection cameras allow us to quickly identify issues within your water lines. We have sophisticated leak detection equipment to locate leaks around, in, and under your home. For prompt and efficient detection and repair services, rely on Valley Home Services for all your Salt Lake City water line service needs.

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