Drains and sewer lines in your Salt Lake City residence can accumulate blockages over time, potentially causing sewer backups that could flood your home with contaminated water. If not properly maintained, these systems can become clogged, break when frozen, or become a breeding ground for harmful bacteria and substances.

Engaging in preventative maintenance, such as drain cleaning, is crucial to avert clogs. The overall well-being of your home and its occupants relies on maintaining a clean and functional water system. Experiencing clogs or overflows is undoubtedly a scenario to avoid.

Thus, considering a regular sewer and drain cleaning maintenance service is a wise choice to ensure the health and longevity of your home’s sewer and drain systems in Salt Lake City.

Water treatment equipment


The type and capacity of water softeners suitable for your Salt Lake City home depend significantly on the levels of calcium, iron, and other sediments in your water, as well as your household’s water usage.

Opting for a whole-home water softener is beneficial, as it ensures that all the water used throughout your home is treated. This provides consistent water quality for various uses.

Softening your water by removing sediments and hard water minerals not only enhances the longevity and efficiency of your plumbing systems but also has health benefits.

Hard water minerals are challenging for the body to process, so using a water softener to eliminate these substances contributes to better overall health. When selecting a water softener, it’s essential to choose one with the appropriate capacity to meet your household’s daily water consumption needs, ensuring effective and efficient water treatment.

  • Timer regenerated water softener
  • Meter-regenerated water softener
  • Manually regenerated water softener
  • Iron removal by water softener

A water softener effectively reduces some of the iron content in your water supply. Iron tends to adhere to surfaces, but a water softener system will remove or flush away the iron, preventing rust stains on your bathtubs or toilets.

To select the appropriate water softener for your home, you’ll benefit from the expertise of a professional Salt Lake City plumber. At Valley Home Services, our professionals can handle all your water softener repair and installation needs. Feel free to reach out to us whenever you have questions or need assistance with your water softener system.


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